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Going Public

I’m coming to the end of what has been a very busy semester, during which I haven’t written much for this blog. In the brief lull, while students are working on their final projects but before they turn them in to be graded, I wanted to share some brief comments about public writing. This week

Teaching, Scholarship, and Literary History

This semester I find myself, even more than usual, thinking about literary history. In addition to a new seminar for English majors, “Disney’s Victorians,” I am teaching the first half of our department’s two-part British literature survey. So while I’m partly in my Victorian wheelhouse, I’m also far afield in British literature from the Middle

Diary of a Visiting Assistant Professor, summer edition

In the final weeks of the semester, as I submitted grades, prepared my summer syllabus, and bore down on some book manuscript revisions, I let this blog project slip. But since my summer course presents some challenges that fit my theme (i.e., they’re things that I, like many others, didn’t experience in grad school but