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Student Realizations: Pedagogy, Performance, and Illustrated Fiction

In this post I describe an exercise that helps students connect words and illustrations. I used it this semester in my “Disney’s Victorians” course, and it has a historical frame that is particularly appropriate for teaching a Victorian novel (especially Dickens). But it might be useful if you’re teaching any text that combines words and

Wikipedia Assignments: some thoughts from mid-semester

Right now I’m teaching a first-year composition class, themed around Wikipedia. This is the third iteration, redesigned with the support of a Faculty Instructional Technology Integration grant, and mid-semester seems like an appropriate moment to share some thoughts about the course. The first section explains the background, but if you just want some tips for

What’s in My Pocket? A Snapshot of Two Years’ Reading

Though its former name, Read It Later, was more descriptive, Pocket tops the short list of apps that have significantly changed the way I go about basic activities. If you don’t use it, you should: you can, with the click of a button, save an article or video and, as the name used to indicate,