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What’s in My Pocket? A Snapshot of Two Years’ Reading

Though its former name, Read It Later, was more descriptive, Pocket tops the short list of apps that have significantly changed the way I go about basic activities. If you don’t use it, you should: you can, with the click of a button, save an article or video and, as the name used to indicate,

Optimistic Applications of Data

Earlier this week two articles appeared almost side-by-side in my Google Reader feed: David Brooks’s New York Times op-ed “The Philosophy of Data” and Rob Kelly’s “A Data-Driven Approach to Student Retention and Success,” in the Faculty Focus newsletter. Like anyone at all involved in digital humanities, I’m used to reading about how big data is

An Argument for Learning Portfolios in Literature Classes

The spring semester begins next week, and I will return to my year-long project about my experience as visiting assistant professor. But I want to use this week to make an argument: if we want literary studies to remain a prominent feature of higher education, then we need to train our students to discuss their