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Wikipedia and Student Writing

If you’ve read anything on this blog before, chances are you know that I’m pretty interested in Wikipedia. I’ve built Wikipedia-related assignments into a couple previous literature courses, and right now am teaching a first-year writing class for which our theme is “Wikipedia.” I’ve just returned my students’ second assignment, wherein they added to a

List of Articles about Wikipedia

I began this list in August 2013, when I wrote a series of posts in preparation for a first-year writing course focusing on Wikipedia. I started with an overview, then considered the relationships between Wikipedia and experts and between Wikipedia and universities, and wrote about controversies surrounding Wikipedia. I’ve also written several other posts about

Controversy and Wikipedia

This is the fourth in my series of posts about Wikipedia. I began with an overview and introduction, then wrote about Wikipedia and expertise. In my last post I discussed Wikipedia and universities. Today I’ll look at some criticisms of the site. Some of the entries are themselves controversial: this PDF offers a “multilingual and